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Founded in 2011, Babiators is on a mission to protect kids' eyes while they're out exploring this awesome world. Babiators kids have a sense of adventure and optimism for the future - they know they can go anywhere, conquer anything, and be total rockstars on the journey.

Babiatos believe in Playing Outdoors, Kids Being Kids, Screen-Free Time, Safe and Durable Materials, Being Awesome, Everyday Adventures, Protecting Kids' Eyes, The best customer service.

Why Sunglasses for kids:
- Kids receive 3x more annual UV exposure than adults
- Less than 30% of parents are currently protecting their children’s eyes with sunglasses.
- Young eyes are more susceptible to sun damage because they have larger pupils and clearer lenses

If babies and kids spent just 30 minutes a day wearing Babiators & Aces, their eyes would gain 3,000+ hours of UV-free time!

Babiators are the BEST kids sunglasses available in Australia and New Zealand! Your kids will love the style, colours and comfortable fit of these rockin' sunnies. And you'll love the awesome sun protection, how durable they are and how easy it is to get your kids to wear them. They are tough enough to withstand all kinds of adventures your kids put them through, we Guarantee it.

Celebrity style and kid-proof design make these a great gift for any child, and parents will love them too!