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Bunny Tickles is an Australian owned premium kids' furniture company. There are two furniture series under their brand. MesaSilla and Calla. Famouse by its 360 degree solid wood revolving bookcase, MesaSilla furnitures are designed with montessori priciple in heart, and are for toddlers age 1-5, while Calla funitures are more suitable for schoolers age 6 and up. 

All funiture are designed by a loving mom concerned with her toddler developing bad postures from never having the correct table and chairs height during the fast growing early years. That is why most of Bunny Tickles' furniture are adaptable adjustable furniture set. The necessities of a growing child and the practical vision of a mom began the journey of MesaSilla products’ concept which focuses on safety, durability and stability, while taking special care in realizing the needs of your children and their independence. A clean design packed with functionality that is beautiful in any setting; meticulously thought out and made with the greatest care. Our Bunny Tickles children’s wooden furniture gives off the perfect whimsical quality that is loved by both child and adult.