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After testing and trailing a substantial number of kids bowls, Elipse Kids' products are by-far the most effective one we found in the market and they are loved by us and our kids, especially their Spill-Proof Stage 2 Suction Bowl which has allowed our younger girl starting to self-feed when she was slightly over 12 months old.

Elipse Kids' Brand Story:

The Elipse bowl came into the life of owner, Paul due to Daniel’s (his late Father) stroke – a life-changing episode that caused him to be paralyzed on his right side. Eating became the hardest and most challenging task each day in the wake of Daniel's stroke and being reminded of his disability and inability to use more than one utensil at a time only made it more frustrating and perplexing for both Paul and Daniel.

However, things took a turn when Paul began actively seeking for a solution to solve this this eating issue. One important factor was to also ensure that this solution would help Paul’s Father gain confidence and hope once more – to be self-reliant in this area of his daily life. Eventually, Paul found an inventor that had created a bowl for Salsa and this was to be the beginning of the end of their ‘eating’ concern. Right from the start, the bowl did not make Dainel feel less capable or as if he was someone with special needs. Instead, it gave him a reason to look forward to eating his meals on his own, with no dread or embarrassment.

With the design of the bowl and plate’s elliptical shape helping put food easily on the spoon without the use of another utensil, Paul and his partner created the product eLIpse. Its namesake is based on the elliptical inner curve and the smart-edge (the lip) of the bowl and plate’s design. Today, Elipse delivers a smart-edge technology that prevents spillage, alongside a promise to only produce the highest quality products that is safe for all children.