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Created by Hape in 2014, Flexistix is a construction game based just on bamboo sticks, rubber connectors and nothing more. Kids can be enchanted by Flexistix, because with these sticks and flexible connectors, they can represent most famous and sophisticated architectures in the world e.g. a Eiffel Tower. 

Flexistix helps promoting imagination, creativity and problem solving skills by providing endless building possibilities. By exploring with flexistix, kids can get more directly understanding on spatial orientation in mathematics, as they need to carefully think about the joints and the length of sticks to be used to keep their creation stable.

Children can start building a couple of structures as soon as they received their set of Flexistix by simply following the step-by-step instructions provided. Once they complete the tutorials, they can use the ideas they just learnt from the previous building experiences to create their own fantastic structures. 

Not only does Flexistix provide children with simple but educational fun, the series is also environmentally friendly. This Innovative range of toys are made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo is also clever, because it renews itself in a natural way, over and over again. By the time you have this toy in your hand, the bamboo used to ake it has already grown back. Very eco friendly.