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Like Chinese focuses on Chinese language education and culture, and is committed to providing children with vivid, interesting and aesthetic Chinese learning products. Little Chinese unites artists and educators, and combines traditional culture with modern creativity to form the unique charm of these cards. The first set of Like Chinese Game Card Set was specially made by the founder, Mr. Liu, for his daughter. He hoped that through this meaningful and interesting way, his daughter could enjoy the fun of learning Chinese.

The form of traditional characters is closer to that of ancient characters. Children can understand the origin and evolution of Chinese characters more clearly, which is more helpful for further understanding of Chinese characters.

Each Chinese character in the card is a picture, and this picture is also the Chinese character itself. The combination of patterns and text is vivid and easy to understand, making children fall in love with the learning of Chinese characters.

Children learn the stories behind Chinese characters through vivid oracle bone inscriptions. They will form a self-understanding of Chinese characters and remember these characters through their own understanding. Then through the game, learn more about Chinese characters by inference.

These cards can develop the child's association ability and expand the children's creativity. Children and parents can enjoy parent-child time and experience the fun of learning Chinese characters together.