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The Rainbow Pebbles are unique pebble-shape counters co-developed by EDX Education and a Australian Mathematics Consultant - Dr. Paul Sawn. Rainbow Pebbles are versatile toys designed for early childhood mathematics education.

Rainbow Pebbles are low structure, loose parts that are wonderfully smooth and can provide charmingly tactile experience that delight senses. Ideal for open-ended play. As a result, children enjoy playing with them making them an excellent manipulative that supports the development of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). 

Rainbow Pebbles are commonly used to develop skills in the following areas:
- fine motor and hand-eye coordination (e.g. stacking challenges)
- patterning and sequencing
- creative design skills

There are two main branches of the family, one being the Original Rainbow Pebbles, and the other one being the Junior Rainbow Pebbles. The original Rainbow Pebbles are designed for kids of age 3 year and up. They come in 6 sizes and 6 colours. As some sizes are noticeably small, it is not recommended to provide the original Rainbow Pebbles to kids younger than 3 years old. The junior Rainbow Pebbles, however, are designed for younger kids. They come in 3 bigger sizes and 6 colours, no small parts, so they are safe to be used by kids of age 18 month and up.